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Has man taught beast to chill, or has beast taught man?  This question has echoed through th ages; asked by many but answered by none.  One thing is for sure:  some animals know how to chill supremely.  


These are our pet frogs: Mr. Beefhead and Chirpy-Boy.  They were so totally lame when we purchased them from the local shopping mall.  Mr. Beefhead and Cirpy-Boy were just swimming around looking all sorts of bored.  Then as the frogs began to observe our chillin' ways they slowly developed the necessary chillin skills needed.  It's hard to see in this photo but the fogs just float and chill ALL day now. (Hopefully we will update the site with a better pic)


Dudes... I am speechless... The dog is chillin so supremely...


They may crap in boxes, but the rest of their lives are devoted to chillin.


Lets get one thing straight... Pandas exist for one purpose and one purpose only; well actually two; eating eucalyptus and HARDCORE CHILLIN'

Dudes.... send yer chillin' pics, stories, hate mail ....whatever