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Since the dawn of time, hardcore chillin' has been a prevalent behavior amoung both man and beast. Naturally, as man and society evolved, so has the art of hardcore chillin'. What follows is a decidely brief visual documentation of the growth and refinment of the art of hardcore chillin' in human history.

Early Man aka Homo-Chillicus
Here we can see one of man's earliest ancestors enjoying a nice mid-afternoon chill. Naturally, his primitive mind has not yet concocted the advanced hardcore chillin' methods that modern man enjoys. To Homo-Chillicus, the simple act of knelling and looking into the distance is hardcore chillin'.





Civilized Chillin' aka Walk Like A Chill-Gyptian
This early record from ancient egyptian times clearly illustrates the high regard in which hardcore chillers were held. Notice the chillin' gentleman in the center of the illustration (armed with the most hardcore chillin' accessory of all: the Egyptian chillin' cane), as he is gazed upon by his admirers (all of whom have obviously not learned how to chill so supremely).











The Spread Of Chillin' To The West aka Christopher Chill-umbus