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You people must be asking yourself  "how is it possible to chill ALL day?"  Well the hardcore chiller must possess the ability to chill in any environment at any time.  The couch is indeed the preferred device for any extended periods of chillin', it does have it's limitations.  We are very lazy people so moving the couch is not in the picture.  So when a couch is not present, the hardcore chiller must be able to adapt in any setting.  You can easily chill while sitting on the floor, in a pile of leaves, or simply in a chair.  We prefer the

Leather Captains Chair:

This here is the ultimate versitile tool in order to chill in places deemed "un-chillable"  This leather captains chair offers the latest in comfort and veritility.  It's no couch but when you need to need to chill.

Here are some places where you can be a versitile chiller:

In the Kitchen:

As we can see in this picture with the help of the captains chair you are now able to chill while looking for some food.  


Chillin' in the Bathroom:
Now you can chill and shave.
or simply just chill in the bathroom for
no particular reason.

Chillin' in the laundry room:

Hell even doing some laundry can now be a reason to chill.

Chillin' in the closet:

Dudes... now you can pick out some threads while chillin'.

So this is how one can achieve ultimate chillin' ALL DAY LONG.  Hell, you thought it could never be done.  

Dudes.... send yer chillin' pics, stories, hate mail ....whatever